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YOU Together

60 mins - Online or In Person - Explore the creative side of each other

  • In Person TBD upon booking

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Human beings are not singular entities and we do not exist in isolation! We are surrounded by people everyday of our lives. Some people are part and parcel of our daily existence - our partners, families, parents, work colleagues, friends. It is not always easy to understand each other - more so being with each other in a way that we compliment our existence and not counteract. Do you want to take your inter personal relationships to the next level through the magic of art and creativity? Do you want to understand those people who are in your close proximity better? Do you want to build more meaningful relationships? If so, bring along your partner, friends or colleagues for a collective session Book Today - YOU Together This service is available both Online and In Person. In Person locations: Basel or Zurich (To be confirmed after booking) Prices vary on number of participants: YOU Together for couples YOU Together for groups (up to 6)

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