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Hi, I am Prath

Creativity is my passion!

With "echoes & contrasts" my intention is to INSPIRE YOU TO BE CREATIVE in all walks of your life be it personal or professional. 

Think freely. Express empathically. Be Bold. Be YOU!

Colours are souls, light is life, we are so similar and yet so un-alike..

Why the name "echoes & contrasts"?

Echoes meaning similarities or sound reverberation and contrasts meaning differences - has been inspired by my exposure to diversity. We are all so unique, we are different - the contrasts but we have the ability to resonate with one another, we have the capacity to celebrate that diversity. 

Where do I find myself while 

At a place of absolute freedom. Place where I can be whoever I wish to be. A place of endless possibilities. 

How do I create? 

By letting go. It’s a flow. From mind, heart & soul on to a canvas through the medium of colours. I don’t have to speak to explain or to be understood. I create spontaneously to capture the essence of that inner being and external influences. It’s very much an inward process projected outwardly. I just let it happen without any plans. I let the colours have autonomy in expressing my artistic intent.

What do I create?

What is such an absolute term…I often just give shapes & colours to my feelings, imagination & interpretation of reality. I am trying to understand life, I create my understanding which is a gradual process on a blank canvas. I paint my curiosity. 

How do I feel whilst creating?

 I experience nothingness! And that’s powerful. Almost child like. Imagine a child - no distinct memory of the past, no apprehensions of the future. I feel like that. Untamed, pure, peaceful & without fear. 

What is my message for YOU?

Create, Feel, express - explore what’s within you without fear or judgement. Let it out and just be you! 


YOU can be Unapologetically YOU

YOU are creative 

Join a session to explore it, understand it & just BE YOU!

Feel the Freedom of creativity!

Why do I create?

The most natural human instinct is to create. We are all creators even without us consciously knowing it. We create imagination, we create reality, we e create life, we create happiness & sadness. We create memories & forgiveness. It’s the joy of creation that keeps us alive. I create because I am.

Where do I get my inspiration from?

The warmth of colours inspire me. Colours are deeply rooted in our cultures. We derive identity from them. They are symbolism of rituals and rites. They are in everything we do, everything we see & everything we feel! 

What do I want YOU to feel?

Whatever you want to feel! What we feel, how we feel - there is no standard to that. It’s unique to you! Just dive in & explore. 

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