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The Creative YOU

45 mins - Online or In Person - Did YOU know there is creativity in each on of us?

  • In Person TBD upon Booking

More Details

We are all unique and we all have the ability to create - that is just our very nature! You do not have to have artistic skills to explore your creative intent. - Are You feeling creatively stuck? - Do YOU feel as if you have that creativity in you, but somehow you are not being able to understand it, recognise it and surface it? - Do YOU want to express more than you are doing right now be it at your personal or professional life? Are YOU feeling Bold enough to explore that side of you? If so, I look forward to seeing you. Come along, Book NOW! This service is available both Online and In Person. In Person locations: Basel or Zurich (To be confirmed after booking) CHF 150 for a 45 minute fun filled adventure.

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