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ART OF Doing. 

The  Concept

A celebration of our similarities and our differences

We are unique. We are intrinsically creative. We can think, communicate, feel and create - these are our traits that differentiate us from rest of the living or non living species on this planet. 

Creativity is about expressing ourselves in a way that feels authentic and true to our unique perspective without the fear of judgement or criticism. Creativity is about DOING, it is about pursuing our hearts intention fearlessly. It is about taking accountability of ourselves and consequences of our actions

We can better understand our surroundings and context when we have awareness and acceptance of our selves. Recognising and embracing our individuality can help us appreciate the diversity and richness of human experience to create more impact collectively .

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Whether it's in everyday living, work, hobby, interactions, actions, thoughts, or imagination, getting creative can liberate ourselves to unlock the joys of a meaningful coexistence. 


Echoes and Contrasts is a one of its kind concept to achieve a blend between our individual uniqueness, authenticity and our differences or diversity with creativity for impact focused outcomes.


Do you wish to exist in a state of creative harmony in your personal life?

Do you wish to make work more fun, innovative and action oriented?


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I combine colours, conversations and curiosity to trigger


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Artist Inspiration

About Me

Hi I am Prath, Creative Catalyst

My intention is to inspire you to be creative in all walks of your life. 

Creativity is food for our souls. We feel good when we do things. 

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In this current age of computers behaving like humans, what really distinguishes our species? 

What does it mean to be a human?

Let us copyright human-ness - all things that make us alive and concious 





We are unique and different in our own ways but we are connected to each other. We are all intrinsically creative. What does it mean to be creative? It is not about painting a perfect picture, it is about having clarity of thoughts, imagination and boldness to follow your hearts intention without fear or doubt. Without judgement from the self and of others. It is about unsetting your mind and getting to your natural state of flow. It is about acknowledging and understanding what restricts you from experiencing life at its maximum potential. 

At Echoes & Contrasts our intention is to understand ourselves and those around us better so that we can break the mould of inactivity. Get ourselves into a state of DOING. 

All of the above with medium of colours!

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